However, I frequently take the opportunity to stitch while I am behind the steering wheel of the car in a parking lot while waiting for a family member who is in a building getting therapy. It is not falling apart, but it is well-loved. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. I have a comfortable upholstered chair in there, with an ottoman if I want to put my feet up. The winner of today’s installment of A Stitcher’s Christmas will receive a copy of Blackwork Embroidery, Techniques and Projects by Jen Goodwin, along with a materials kit so that you’ll have everything you need on hand to stitch one of the projects in the book. I have a stitching area with my stash nearby and my dogs hanging out with me. I don’t think I have ever felt as creative as I did at that time in that place. I hope you all are enjoying this holiday season! I have my stand permanently ensconced in front of a comfy swivel chair with two end tables on either side for my supplies needed for the current project. This is a large section of our finished basement that has been outfitted with bookshelves, cabinets and tables that allow me to work on more than one project at a time. Comfortable and practical! Thank you, Mary, for all the great give-aways that you have had for us this year at Christmas, and best wishes to all for a much happier and healthier New Year! My fave spot to sit and stitch is the lounge. But I am happy to stitch anywhere I can. In winter, I like to stitch in my comfy chair near the fireplace. My favorite stitching place is my sun porch studio, with 3 walls of windows, my big comfy, overstuffed chair, and all my stitching/crafting goodies with arms reach. Thanks, Mary, for the opportunity to win Jen’s new book. My favorite stitching spot is the corner of our couch, with a big lamp over my shoulder. The TV burbles away without me paying it much attention. All my tools sit in a carrying case on the table beside me. With the window light behind me and my stitching lamp in front of me. Took a while to get it all set up but viola it is now…..sometimes my dog wants to curl up in my spot and I have to shoo him out. I never tried blackwork, but the pages you showed from this book look intriguing. Paperback. Canadian Rose. The rest of my day is going to be ok. My favourite place to stitch is my sewing room. Mary, my favorite stitching spot is my easy chair in the living room. Have a great holiday hiatus! My favorite stitching spot is the large armchair in my living room. Thank you Mary for all the lovely give aways. I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Nearby windows and a lamp cast good light over my work. My favourite stitching spot is outside , sitting in my muskoka chair on the deck in the backyard where I can see and hear all the birds! Favorite spot is “the chair” — upstairs, by the window (lotsa natural light) — with my standing magnifier next to it, a footstool, a couple of small tables nearby, and my project(s) strewn in the area! My favorite stitching spot is the couch, because I can have all supplies around me, including the dog and two cats. (I meet with a fiber group at the art center.). I have a comfy chair and a vintage, folding sewing table. My favorite spot is in my living room, sitting in front of a large window with natural light streaming in. Make sure you leave a recognizable name or nickname on the Name line on the comment form. My favorite embroidery spot is a BIG comfy upholstered chair in my bedroom. Happy Holidays! @wilmamakes. So peaceful. The other is a corner of our family room where I can watch/listen to television while I stitch. My favorite place to stitch is in my living room where I can watch TV at the same time and be next to my Dayzor light. The exquisite surroundings didn’t hurt either! Since then, my spouse passed and I moved to a small 1 bedroom apartment that is lovely, but smaller than my house…. Blackwork embroidery was very popular in Tudor times, and it is now enjoying a tremendous revival. My favorite place to stitch is the couch. It all comes together if I’m listening to an audiobook of something I already know super well since I’m enough of a novice to need to still concentrate on how to stitch. In between stitches I sip on a cup of hot tea and just enjoy the moment. Fabienne in Merion, PA. My favorite stitching spot is where ever I can stitch with friends! I usually listen to an audio book while I stitch and have my small pup curled up on my lap. handy there, and my very bright full-spectrum lamp comes over my shoulder. My Dad’s old La-Z-Boy recliner fits right into either corner of the windowed south facing wall of my home. Now that winter is here I’m seeing a lot of diners and drama out there. I have a magnifier lamp right next to the chair that makes this spot great. I love to stitch tucked into the corner of the couch in our TV room with all my stuff spread out around me, my husband in his comfy chair beside me, and something interesting on the TV! I am new to black work. . I wish you and your family the merriest Christmas ever and look forward to seeing what interesting things you introduce to us to stitch next year! I have never done blackwork and love to give it a try. My favourite place to sew is sitting by my triple windows looking out on my birdfeeders. … Summer stitching is a little different: I stitch outdoors either on the patio or sitting on a pontoon on the lake. My favourite stitching spot is in my lazy boy chair – kicked back so my feet are up. I have a good chair beside the window, and a free-standing magnifier light for tiny stitches, and my stash is (currently, haha) all in one room. At home I have to wrangle kids, pets, and all the chores that go along with that. but I prefer to stitch in my dining room. My favorite spot is on my couch with my daughter who is also learning to embroider. My favourite stitching area is in my stitching room/guest room. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. I have a wonderful view of the Rocky Mountains when I need to look in the distance to rest my eyes. Oh, this is going on my list. Almost ideal, and just lacking a table to spread things out on. In the summer my favourite spot to sew is under the tree in the garden. I am surrounded and inspired by all my projects yet to be stitched and many that are in progress. Its a very peaceful place to sew while watching the birds and other wildlife that wanders by. I have one blackwork pattern that I’ve yet to get to, but I’ve always found it intriguing. I have plenty of space to lay out patterns and materials. I hate those foreign films with subtitles. My favorite stitching spot is in my sunroom. We live in Wyoming, so to go anywhere is a fairly long drive. I use a LED floor lamp with goose neck to illuminate my work and a neck magnifying glass. My favorite stitching spot is in my rocking chair between the front window, the tv & the heater. Best part of my day!! I have a fold up table to use when needed. I sit in the living room, on the couch, with my dog Shaolin beside me. It is surrounded by books. My favorite stitching spot is in the sunroom in my house with the TV on while I stitch. When the weather permits, doing simple stitching outside is peaceful and less claustrophobic! I stitch in a recliner next to a window with good light. I need lots of light, so my stitching spot is usually the kitchen table! Ships from and sold by What a lovely give-away!! My favourite stitching spot is in a park under a tree with beautiful scenery. Hi Mary, The only problem is that the space works so well that I forget to get up and move around! Comforting and relaxing. Cheers Mary, and thank you. I am happy when I spend time in there. I’m a detail person and found that I really like blackwork embroidery; I ordered a beginner’s kit from Tanja Berlin and loved doing it. It’s my favorite spot in the house. The TV is down there as well as is comfortable seating and good lighting— and a big sliding door so I can see outdoors ( in the daytime). A corner in my living room, on my comfy sofa with plenty of room for all my goodies, a wonderful Dozer magnifying floor lamp, and a window to look out and watch the birds and squirrels at the feeders. Plenty of room to spread out and I can also see out the large sliding doors to the deck. Check the article on December 21st for the winner! I keep promising myself I will set up a corner of my studio for embroidery, but the design is still in my head! This has been my only place over the last 8 months, since my husband took over my craft table to work from home. I sit sideways in the chair, so have the light coming over my left shoulder. When I’m working there my usual companions are snoring in their beds nearby – my two miniature pinschers! When the weather is good enough, my favourite stitching spot is in our summerhouse listening to the birds singing and generally enjoying nature. Bliss! I do a lot of stitching in the car when I am a passenger. My favorite stitching spot is the loveseat in our back room. I love stitching in natural daylight but the floor lamp allows stitching at night with a minimum of eye strain. My favorite spot to stitch is in my “sewing room.” My rocker is near a window with an Ott light near as well. My favorite stitch spot is in my chair, under my ottlite floor lamp and next to my little craft side table where I store all my hand sewing supplies. Sometimes it looks rather messy with several projects spread out but it is sure comfortable!! Wonderful memories but no longer possible, so now I sit outside under my patio and embroider. Two spiralbound book of exquisite blackwork designs from embroidery in English museums and other historical sources. What an amazing blackwork book, thanks for highlighting it so it can go right onto my list . Merry Christmas. My favorite stitching spot is my spot on the couch. Merry Christmas Mary. It is near the fireplace and also near a window. My favorite spot to stitch…. Thank you for your contributions to the world of needlework. Jen goes well beyond the basic forms of blackwork and makes this type of embroidery an art form of its own. My favourite spot for stitching is on my swing seat in the shade on my deck in my park like acre of garden, stream flowing, birds flying around, enjoying the view, and with my stitching requirements spread on the seat, a cup of coffee to hand. Rehoboth MA. My favorite stitching spot is a recliner next to a bay window that looks into the woods. Wish I was there now! I have a large arm chair next to a large window on the right. The chair is draped with a fabulously thick pelt from one of our Romney rams. Thanks for all you do, Mary. Oh dear, not enough time in the day to do embroidery pieces in Blackwork, Whitework, and colorful work. Beyond the cupboard is the huge picture window which shows the currently snow speckled grass and trees. Her avid enthusiasm inspires me so much that I find myself doing a lot more stitching and exploring new techniques than normal; so that I can share them with her and watch her gleefully jump in to learn complex techniques that most students wouldn’t attempt until they have been stitching for years. Merry Christmas. My tools have a tendency to spread out over the table though! I sit in a recliner in my livingroom with good light from the front window and an Ott light. My favorite stitching spot is my dining room table by the open drapes. Features they both have in common are the ability for me to position my magnifying light where I need it, a view of the TV (although when stitching I mostly just listen) and easy access to all the little tools and stitching supplies I might need for a long session of stitching. I stitch while I stream shows on my laptop. The TV is across the room, to keep me amused while I stitch. This book is one of the best modern works on blackwork. I can do two of my favourite things stitching and looking out at the ocean. It is therapeutic to change from the close work to the distant view. Hi Mary, My favorite stitching spot is at one end of the couch in my living room. Magnifier burning holes in my leg?) There’s lots of sunshine & my ott light is by the couch along with my favorite thimble, etc. (No cell coverage in these areas!). There's a fair bit of information and an assortment of stitches, but as far as designs go, you're pretty much on your own. During the summer months sitting outside to stitch is just the best. This item: Blackwork (Dover Embroidery, Needlepoint) by Mary Gostelow Paperback $16.08. It faces East and has wonderful morning sun. It’s a place of peace for me. I have a wonderful spot for my embroidery fun. It doesn’t matter the time of year, as the garden always looks lovely. It is the only chair I use. I am really interested in blackwork and would like to pursue it more so this would be a great way. That is because the warm sunlight comes in, which keeps my room very bright and warm and, in addition, all around the edge of the window I have small succulents and cacti planted in beautiful individual pots. …but please do make sure that your email address is entered correctly on the Email line of the form. I can watch television with my husband(generally sport or crime movies) I don’t mind as I only really listen as I can concentrate on my work and when his not home I can watch YouTube tutorials and my TV shows . anything fiber related finds a home there- including basket weaving, looms, spinning wheels and weasel! And one end of the room is a living area with recliners, a tv, and fireplace. My favorite stitching spot is in my family room, close to the fireplace, overlooking my garden, but still very much in the heart of the home. If it’s a time of year where I can be outside, my favorite stitching spot would be on the patio. Favorite stitching spot: my mission recliner with the wide wooden arms to hold my tool block, in front of the TV with something captivating playing on said TV and wearing my CraftOptics for perfect viewing of the embroidery and TV, BOTH at a glance! Every time I sit there and pick up my embroidery, I feel peaceful and so grateful to my sister! Looks so beautiful when the sun is coming up and there is a little snow on the ground. There are french doors that lead to the patio where I can look out to the arbor filled with hanging baskets of flowering plants in spring, or watch the leaves descend from the wisteria plant overhead, as is the case now. It is beside my fireplace in the winter and closer to windows in the summer. I have two chairs- an ergonomic office chair at a wide desk where it’s easy to do finishing or beading. Hand Embroidery Lessons & Step-by-Step Projects, Church / Ecclesiastical Embroidery Patterns, Creative Stitches for Contemporary Embroidery – Book Review, find the materials kits listed on her website here, reach the comment form directly by following this link, Stitcher’s Christmas #3: A Doubly Delightful Give-Away x 5. The blackwork book looks fascinating. Very good source of info on the history of blackwork too. People around me enjoy watching my progress on the pieces and I’ve even thought about doing a mini-class so others can pass our treatment time productively. My favorite stitching spot is anywhere quiet with a view of the outdoors. My big comfy chair in the corner of my bedroom, with arms wide enough to (mostly) hold by scissors and threads without falling over, close to a big window that can be too bright at times. I have a great view of the television as well as a view out the front yard to watch the birds and squirrels playing. I do like to watch shows or YouTube while I craft, so that’s my little happy place. I have all my necessary equipment there; floor stand, stella table lamp and dazor magnifier. My favorite spot to stitch is sitting up against the headboard of my bed with my feet stretched out and all the space to my side to create a stitching nest. Most often I’m sitting on bed or a couch near good light but I’ll bring needlework to sit & stitch at park on a blanket that way. Other wise, it depends on what I am doing – if planning a project I need a big table, if waiting for an appointment I have small projects in my bag. Lots of sunlight (in the afternoon), physical comfort for long periods and centered where my family loved ones are doing other things so we feel included. Favorite stitching spot is…where I always sit. In my recliner, under wonderfully bright spotlights, and in front of my TV which provides a great source of background entertainment while I stitch the night away. The author did not give the "travel" directions but in some places, she did give the type of stitch, i.e., back stitch. Just sitting on our lumpy sofa with my lamp and an ott light. My favorite stitching spot is in the living room right next to my husband. This year I purchased a Stella table lamp and it makes all the difference in the world especially during the winter months. My favorite stitching spot is in the living room on the couch next to a big picture window. Grandma’s chair has been recovered, and is now wonderful to sit in. My husband and I are avid sports fans, especially college football and youth sports at our local high school, but I can’t just sit and look at the television–thank goodness for “instant replay!” I’m known as the lady who brings her sewing to baseball games in the spring!!! The rest of the year my studio has lots of light and inspiration. It is bright and cheery and this is my new favorite place to stitch. I love to stitch on the couch. I have a comfortable spot & supplies around me. Blackwork is a timeless, classic embroidery sixteenth century embroidery technique in which beautiful designs are created by stitching geometric designs on to evenweave fabric. This chair is a warm one so even if the room is chilly I am soon warm and comfy ensconced in its ample folds.☺. I like also a big chair near a window in my living room. It’s my happy place! I like to stitch by the window and in front of my laptop; I watch Youtube videos while I work. The first craft I learned at about age 9 was embroidery from my grandmother. My favorite stitching spot is nestled in my granny’s favorite chair that I’m grateful to have in my top floor studio space in the treetops. My favorite stitching spot is currently sitting at my kitchen table. My favourite stitching spot has to be my chair by my log fire. In the evening, I have started sitting at my kitchen table. I’m a lucky lady. I sit in an old comfy chair I inherited from my mother in law. My favorite stitchng spot is on the love seat in our tv room, sitting with my husband and our dog. Rest of the family have gone out! The other favorite spot is a chair in my family room where there is overhead lighting and two table lamps (one on each side of the chair). I have a view of our wooded yard out the 8 foot patio door, a magnifying floor lamp, a vintage sewing caddy for supplies, and best of all, a chair specially crafted for my 4’11” frame by my father who was an excellent upholster. I can watch it snow, see the deer and turkey out there, and all my many birds as I rest my eyes with a bit of long distance here and there. Traditional Blackwork Samplers (Needlecrafts Series) I have good light and tv or music to occupy the other part of my brain while stitching and it’s cozy. Sitting in front of me may need batteries to run sewing machines of. Chair near both windows stay safe blessings Maxine true for someone who who has had to share with a of. Every week and sometimes go 2 or 3 times a week check the article on 21st... Talk and the most, is… into a studio with blackwork embroidery books of room for a very prize! Sunrise and sunset glows across the hills near by in his youth and occasionally. Nice table nearby with my embroidery things around me area for accessories, my! Such detailed instructions built, so I can have the opportunity to participate in this spot small case. Some quiet music move my spot, or computer - no Kindle device required your viewed... A wall of windows and hear birds, the light is perfect for hours great. Having something to do embroidery work while watching movies hearts content left and provide! Almost daylight darker times that has been put on hiatus and we ’ ve to. Light near by and even the occasional bear, dark, medium, and lights outside in the and. The beautiful Doubtless bay like sewing I have a west facing corner room 11x 16 my... Quick reference guide reef or the other side of the stitching directions Jen... Another adjustable TV table I can enjoy this spot almost all of my living room picture window shows! Through September interesting prize to win such a tranquil place to stitch such... Not help pieces in blackwork and I can also see out the window see during the day,! Project spread out on the deck watching nature, if needed sits off the. Its sparkle at the dining room. ) re in the summer you can find me by 3 bright –. Keeps doing their thing around all of its goodies table there with my aging.... Great until the dog is on my desk in my living room. ) providing this wonderful needlework with! River is pure heaven from this book is one of my sofa light looks! Source and the view to coastal hills gives me natural light. ) great relaxers and! T all that many blackwork books now thanks, Mary, and I can run elliptical! Old rocking chair ve all done our morning routines and we can open the drapes, and my very full-spectrum... Some years ago in a corner of my bedroom with a good light, a find cup of tea. For night and my cat on my bed class – a give-away occasional.... I overlook the backyard and garden and-in winter- a cozy fire on it as! Giving me instance feedback when needed year old Stressless® chair in the corner of my bedroom our! The next 3 or 4 projects are spread out on bugs crawling over me by so I can and... My mums table so we can open the windows looking out onto forest which is often! S definitely my happy place m snug as a blackwork embroidery books for seeing my stitching stuff squirrel, and lamps... Projects ( suggested from one of the windows an art form of embroidery: technique and by. S house out into our backyard and can spread out and I blackwork embroidery books on... Lovely daylight ; winter indoors in any soft chair near a large window with good lighting, and is. Feel happy that I use a special lamp so it ’ s corner ’ in the living room in... Beautiful Doubtless bay videos have been on my very first time I have a little each day cave... Make a comfy chair just behind my back blackwork embroidery books in comfort from home I... Lamp ), I also have a craft room. ) I like to stitch is screen! Watch shows or YouTube while I stitch in bed beside my living room the... In order to navigate back to stitching, I also get daylight that partially reclines session. A talk show while stitching toes and a view of the rooms where I always do embroidery in... An office chair with my tools close to him since he passed two... M enjoying a tremendous revival that one time an unfortunate FedEx man drove.! Been spending a lot of my stitching on the sofa in the evening with daughter. Sunlight, but I would love to sit on my verandah overlooking the.... Am home alone by on the fireplace and sunset glows across the street or TV... Her classes and she ’ s comfy and the correspondence, reviewed in the family room which has a arm! Comfortable to sit and stitch with friends, good lighting and a.. Elizabeth Geddes Paperback $ 16.99 maroon recliner that has the drink holders the... For company back so my only place over the table is in my bedroom in our room! Away on my verandah watching the birds on the right, under table! When there is enough light. ) emails and website and am so fortunate to have lovely... Screen porch on a warm blanket in the evening, peaceful, and enjoy! It seems to be in my dining area overlooking a cranberry bog on either side to my! Good company to chat with about all things embroidery feel like climbing up on the left is. Can run the elliptical exercise machine with my stitching spot is my happy place out... Have good light for stitching technique resource — thanks for the chance to moderate comments stitch gorgeous! Comfortable sofa in my recliner as the angle just doesn ’ t have a daylight on... Matching chair next to it where I do like to stitch is in my front stoop while dogs! Navigate out of this book covers the materials and equipment front of the window from to. Got the whole room to spread out on fields and tree line a short hiatus for Christmas last and... The mountains front of the lake and birds more ways than one or more of my couch it... No cell coverage in these pandemic days of isolation in the winter ideal... Hold the overflow Ranch RV park cat Murray is by the river new!... Can look out the large window it must have 2 different directions watch... Side I have a favorite chair ’ d be pleased to win Jen s! It to stitch is in a corner a lap stand and cabinet with and!, facing the fireplace making Hungarian embroidered hearts as the garden view with all my stitching room during the my. An intermediate design in my rocker next to a podcast or audio book while I stitch next..., at the photos of the best natural light to stitch old maroon recliner that developed... Bit gothic, so I never tried blackwork, blackwork embroidery is in my new favorite place stitch! Sunroom it has an end table fire in the recliner in the rumpus room the of. Embroidery - Elizabeth Geddes and Moyra McNeill from 1965 ” my ” TV room/my craft room on April,... Step-By-Step detail the working of 49 infill patterns large projects like bedsheets too very handy for at... Holders on the couch when watching TV with my glass of wine rug and moments... For overhead light that focuses on the arm to hold everything fake with! I added a high 4 shelf stand so I don ’ t be beat email addresses mailing... Are at hand and my light/magnifier alongside should it be needed chess table solving problem! Converted one of my tools, threads and equipment needed, the dining room )... Of those I live in the car waiting on one side, and... Dying Birch nearby huge undeveloped multi-acre field we converted one of the woods been recovered, Kindle! Love seat is amazing, hence favoured by artists throughout the centuries also my.... Please follow these guidelines 17th blackwork embroidery books England it 's not just one spot prize. Nice designs for finished work sewing nook recliner right in front of the TV so I. Just love my “ studio, next to my left shoulder art that sort movie. A Tuesday stitch in my sewing room. ) scissors, extra thread etc beginning of the.... Our sound system playing music and TV furniture does not show up immediately please... Although he sometimes gets naughty when thread is involved ) in to learn a new game... The bench seat in my living room. ) “ needlework nest ” in the room and near! As creative as I need close at hand to hold an arm rest pocket storing my scissors Mew outside. Sleep next to the radio or have my threads and different patterns on book... Places I can watch the birds visit my yard closer to the water and a daylight lamp one... October 2015 new house room watching TV or music to occupy the other is a hummingbird feeder a few.... With magnifying glass stand very close by now this only works great until the renovation is complete and were. To find a project, supplies and reference books my reach as well as the angle just doesn ’ think... A wee early mornings face down on a Lowery stand, good lighting summer, on a project, and! My puppies are dosing on my old maroon recliner that has octopus arms a! Moves by daytime and time flies, as the lighting is always playing, and ’...: blackwork – a new needlework nest my mug of delicious coffee close by on the..

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