Kent Bye

The Voices of AI Podcast with Kent Bye publishes 2-3 episodes a week featuring interviews with artificial intelligence researchers, application developers, game developers, and storytellers who are driving innovation in intelligent computing.

It’s hosted by Kent Bye, who also produces the Voices of VR podcast. It was through the lens of immersive experiences and experiential design that Kent first got interested in how AI was going to revolutionize interactive storytelling. He’s traveled to academic, business, and creative AI conferences to talk directly with top experts in the field.

The algorithmic reality of AI will continue to be a part of nearly every aspect of our daily lives, and this podcast aims to educate experiential designers for being able to understand and start using AI as a medium for expression, solving complex problems, and helping the world become a better place.



  • How do you define intelligence?
  • What are the Next Generation Turing Tests?
  • What can AI teach us about our own intelligence?
  • What is easy for humans but hard for AI?
  • How will AI empower the future of interactive storytelling?
  • How will conversational interfaces change our relationship to technology?
  • What is the importance of agency & interactions in learning about the world?
  • How do you cultivate perception & awareness in AI?
  • What changes when AI is embodied in robots?
  • Can computers think?
  • Can computers become conscious?
  • How does learning about AI teach us about what it means to be human?
  • How can we collaborate with AI?
  • What are the biggest ethical & moral questions around AI?
  • What is the ultimate potential of artificial intelligence?

These are the questions that are driving the Voices of AI podcast, and so join me on the journey of exploring the answers to these questions!


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